Locking liquidity and earning points

Locking LP-tokens

  1. After successfully connecting your wallet, you will see all available pools for locking LP tokens. After selecting the desired liquidity pool and clicking “Lock LP and get points”, we will see a modal window for locking liquidity to earn points. After specifying the amount of LP and the locking period, the system will calculate the number of points accrued for the entire locking period. The accrued points are credited to your account immediately after locking the LP (updates occur every 24 hours at 00:00 UTC). More about the points accrual system here.

The first transaction requires you to confirm spending (Approve xCRVUSDC) and click Lock, then sign the transaction in your wallet.

After the transaction is successfully completed, the balance of locked LP tokens will be displayed on the page of the pool where you locked the funds.

Detailed statistics about accrued points are found in the Leaderboard tab.

Unlocking LP Tokens

Unlocking LP tokens occurs after the chosen locking period expires. By clicking Unlock, you can review the amount of locked LP and the locking time, along with the number of points accrued over the entire locking period.

Our smart contracts do not allow for auto-reinvestment, so it is necessary to monitor the unlock timer if you want to earn points again by re-locking LP tokens.

Detailed statistics on points accrual are on the Leaderboard page (updated daily at 00:00 UTC). After the locking period ends, the Unlock option will be available.

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