Easy mode

In Easy mode the application allows you to unbalancedly add (Deposit) or withdraw (Withdraw) funds into the Curve liquidity pool with a single asset (assets that are part of the LP token or the LP tokens themselves), saving time by performing complex operations (without interacting with the Curve interface) in one click.

Note that this method is not always advantageous due to the architecture features of Curve.

  1. After selecting the necessary operation (Deposit or Withdraw) in Easy mode and clicking next (Next), choose the network (six networks available in the CrossCurve pools: Polygon, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Optimism, Ethereum, Avalanche) and the token you need.

  1. After entering the desired amount of tokens, the system will calculate the number of LP tokens received and the gas fee. By clicking Routing details, Routing will be displayed - this interface provides a convenient graphical representation of the cross-network transaction, showing all associated transitions and fees step by step.

  1. Slippage Settings. In the settings, you can specify slippage (by default, the parameter is set at 0.5%)

  1. The first transaction requires allowing the crvUSD spending by clicking Β«Approve crvUSDΒ» and signing the transaction in the wallet. To sign the transaction, you must hold the native token of the network in which the transaction is being made to pay for the gas.

  1. After confirming the spending of crvUSD, a β€œSwap” button will appear. By pressing the "Swap" button, a request will be sent to the wallet to confirm the transaction

  1. For convenience, a quick link to add the token to the wallet via the contract address has been added for correct balance display. By clicking on the β€œ+”, a request will pop up to add a custom token. After signing, it will be displayed in the wallet.

There is also a Balabced method of adding liquidity to the pool – you can use multiple assets so that your operation brings the pool into a balanced state.

This method should be applied to avoid losses/earn profit in cases where you work with large amounts relative to the total TVL of the pool, or when the pool is close to perfect balance.

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