CrossCurve: the End Game for fragmented liquidity

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CrossCurve is a cross-chain trading and yield protocol built on top of Curve, creating a unified cross-chain liquidity market by aggregating existing Curve pools (with over $2 billion in TVL).

The Problem we are solving

Fragmented liquidity is a significant issue in the market, as establishing and maintaining liquidity across multiple blockchains is expensive. Moreover, transferring large amounts between blockchains is inefficient (due to high slippages), slow (L2 optimistic bridges), inconvenient, and unsafe (due to numerous bridge hacks). Liquidity tends to move between blockchains strictly in pursuit of higher yields, leading blockchains and protocols compete for liquidity by offering incentives. This is why we have formed a strategic partnership with Curve finance, a leading and foundational project in DeFi and the innovator behind the ve-economy model. Essentially, Curve has developed a method to attract and retain TVL over the long-term. In collaboration with Curve, we are introducing the CrossCurve protocol to address the issues of fragmentation and movement of liquidity between blockchains where Curve is present. This initiative enables liquidity providers to chase higher yields. By leveraging Curve's extensive liquidity pools, we offer both B2B and retail users the advantage of low slippage rates for exchanging both individual assets and Curve LP tokens. 1) Our first goal is to offer the market a safe, cost efficient, and convenient method for transferring large volumes of liquidity between chains. 2) Our second goal is to enable projects to scale quickly and enhance the efficiency of their capital utilization, thereby reducing costs.

Our solution enables web3 projects to achieve Cross-Chain Listing for the first time, granting access to users and traders across all linked chains. It simplifies token purchases to a single click with any supported asset.

Value Proposition

  • Π‘apital Efficency & Low Slippages - CrossCurve's unique architecture significantly enhances liquidity utilization efficiency, ensuring low slippage rates (2-5 bps) during cross-chain exchanges, even for large transactions. This efficiency means that CrossCurve requires significantly less liquidity than its competitors to achieve these low slippages.

  • Cut Costs & Scale Quickly - Attract new users from various blockchains, rapidly scale the utility of your token across networks, and reduce costs associated with maintaining cross-chain liquidity by utilizing a single pool.

  • Cross-Chain Listings (Trade & Yield) - CrossCurve grants Web3 projects access to the largest liquidity pool in the market, enabling them to create their own cross-chain pools. Web3 projects can list their token in any chain against crvUSD, Stables, WBTC, WETH, and Curve LPs, with the ability to trade simultaneously on all chains against any asset. Enjoy yield provided by CrossCurve, Curve, and Convex on your liquidity.

  • Security First - Highlighting the importance of safety, the Eywa Consensus Bridge will secure the CrossCurve Protocol by aggregating the most advanced bridge protocols (LayerZero, Axelar, Wormhole, Chainlink CCIP). No more reliance on single a bridge when moving large liquidity positions. We will a customizable level of security, allowing clients to select the most suitable option. For cross-chain pools, we utilize reliable code from Curve, and all additional code has undergone rigorous auditing.

  • Easy Migration of Curve Liquidity Between Chains - Curve liquidity providers will be able to exchange their LP tokens between chains (such as 3pool, 3crypto, crvUSD LP, etc.) without experiencing impermanent loss, thus moving funds in pursuit of higher yields.

  • Higher Yields - Thanks to a synergistic combination of incentives from Curve, Convex, and CrossCurve, Curve liquidity providers can achieve increased yields on their Curve LPs tokens (such as 3pool, 3crypto, crvUSD LP, etc.) by supplying them in CrossCurve pools.

Growth Potential

We are also establishing CrossCurve DAO, which, through the Eywa token, will become a significant player in the Curve ecosystem's bribery market, alongside existing entities such as Convex, Curve, StakeDAO, LobbyDAO, etc. Blockchains (L1, L2) & Defi Protocols seeking to increase their TVL can achieve this by incentivizing cross-chain pools through the bribery market. With a commitment to innovation, security, and user-centricity, CrossCurve is set to revolutionize cross-chain liquidity in the DeFi space. We offer seamless interoperability through the Eywa Consensus Bridge protocol, alongside attractive incentives within the Curve ecosystem's bribery market, thanks to our partnership with Curve. Our goal is to open new opportunities for liquidity providers, Web3 projects, and users across the decentralized ecosystem. Our solution will render the Cross-chain movement & swaps of Curve Assets (crvUSD, various LPs, WBTC, WETH), Liquid Staking Tokens (LST), and stablecoins cost-efficient, convenient and secure.

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