⚙️Protocol architecture

CrossCurve - a cross-chain trading and yield protocol utilizing Curve finance's infrastructure and liquidity.

  • CrossCurve connects all Curve liquidity from different blockchains into a single entity, creating a global market.

  • CrossCurve enables low-slippage cross-chain swaps of any assets in one click and earns yield for liquidity providers.

  • CrossCurve is a great starting point for projects, giving them the opportunity to reduce costs and make their token liquid on all major blockchains


The main feature of the CrossCurve architecture is the use of Hubchain, an intermediate blockchain for aggregating synthetic derivatives - s-tokens that are exchanged in Curve pools. Currently, the Fantom blockchain serves as the Hubchain. Essentially any blockchain-to-blockchain swap transaction goes through the Hubchain in a star topology. This approach connects all the necessary assets and blockchains in one place, significantly reducing the amount of liquidity needed to achieve profitable exchanges.

Synthetic derivatives (s-tokens)

By locking LP-tokens of Curve in Eywa Consensus Bridge on any of the connected blockchains, we mint fully backed, 1-to-1 pegged synthetic s-tokens in the Hubchain. We utilize LP tokens from existing Curve liquidity pools such as 3crypto, 3pool and others, for liquidity. Each s-token can be converted back at any time.

Example: scrv3crypto_e token in Fantom is backed by the crv3crypto LP token from the 3crypto Curve pool on Ethereum.

CrossCurve pools

The core pools of CrossCurve are stable pools where s-tokens of the same nature are exchanged. We are linking different Curve same-type pools, the full list can be found at the link.

CrossCurve utilizes native Curve contracts (stableswap-ng and crypto v2) for its liquidity pools. Using a cross-chain router, core CrossCurve pools provide low-slippage cross-chain swaps simultaneously across any combination of constituent assets and blockchains.

CrossCurve LP features:

  • Fully backed at any time: CrossCurve LP-tokens can easily be converted into any of the assets backing them, including underlying assets in Curve pools.

  • CrossCurve LP-tokens offer simultaneous access to liquidity on all blockchains.

  • CrossCurve LP-tokens yield increased returns due to the combined rewards from Curve, Convex/Stake DAO and CrossCurve DAO.

Possible swapping examples: Swaps WETH, WBTC, stables, CRV, crvUSD, Curve LP`s, LSTs (stETH, rETH, frxETH, cbETH etc) between blockchains in any combinations and directions.

Several usecases:

Cross-chain listings for Web3 projects

CrossCurve offers vast opportunities for founders and developers of web3 projects. We provide tools to quickly scale your project, attract users and traders from the largest blockchain ecosystems, such as Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, Arbitrum, BNB Chain, Optimism, Fantom and many others.

For Web3 projects, CrossCurve enables easy token mobility between blockchains, the creation of their own cross-chain pools, engagement with liquidity providers, and a significant reduction in the costs associated with creating liquid markets for tokens on major blockchains.

  1. Cross-chain listing on CrossCurve: create a unified liquid market for your token on the largest blockchains and realize significant savings!

  2. Create your own pool via CrossCurve, participate in CrossCurve DAO and receive additional income from the liquidity of your own token.

  3. Safely move your project tokens across blockchains via the Eywa Consensus Bridge.

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