🪙Liquidity interface

Liquidity Section and its Functionality

To start working in the CrossCurve application, go to the Liquidity section, in the top right corner click “Connect wallet”, select a suitable wallet from the list and confirm the connection, making sure that you are on the original page https://app.crosscurve.fi/liquidity.

  1. After successfully connecting, in the Choose pool window, select the pool or asset you are interested in for working with liquidity.

Once you have chosen the necessary asset, the interface will display the TVL in the selected pool, as well as a link to the original pool of the selected asset on Curve.fi, your wallet balance showing the asset equivalent in USD, and the availability of points accumulation when working with this asset for receiving Airdrop.

  1. The next step is to select the operation to be performed with the asset (Deposit or Withdraw) and the method of execution, Balanced or Easy mode.

For convenience, a quick link to add the token to the wallet via the contract address has been added for correct balance display. By clicking on the “+”, a request will pop up to add a custom token. After signing, it will be displayed in the wallet.

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