Balanced liquidity provision

Example of obtaining the av3CRV LP token from the avDAI/avUSDC/avUSDT CrossCurve pool.

Here is the pool address, and the list of supported tokens.

1. To start, go to the Curve Finance website via the link, or go to the Pools tab and enter the name of the pool you wish to find (avDAI/avUSDC/avUSDT) in the search bar. You need to select the network in which the liquidity pool is located where you want to deposit your tokens (liquidity). For this example, the Avalanche network will be used.

  1. On the pool page, connect your wallet to the site by clicking on "Connect Wallet".

3. Choose the installed wallet (or use Wallet Connect) and confirm the connection, making sure you are on the original page

4. On the pool page, interaction happens through the application highlighted in the screenshot; look for the Deposit tab.

5. In the Pool Details tab, pay attention to which tokens (DAI.e, USDC.e, and USDT.e stablecoins) are part of the pool.

The avDAI/avUSDC/avUSDT pool consists of three stablecoins; accordingly, the pool will be balanced if the share of each asset in the pool constitutes 100/3 = 33.3% of the total TVL of the pool. (more details here)

6. We will demonstrate a balanced method of adding liquidity to the pool – you can use multiple assets so that your operation brings the pool into a balanced state. This method should be applied to avoid penalties and earn additional profit from Curve in cases where you work with large amounts relative to the total TVL of the pool, or when the pool is close to perfect balance.

For balanced funding, in the Deposit tab, select "Add all coins in a balanced proportion" and the system will automatically distribute them in equal proportion. Indicating the amount, confirm spending (click on Approve Spending). In the Edit tab, you can edit the amount of funds available for spending (by default – unlimited)

7. After successful confirmation, you will see a green button labeled Spending Approved. Then, click on Deposit. After confirming the transaction, you will see a green Deposit Complete button, and the balance of av3CRV LP tokens will be displayed in the Your Details tab.

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