🌾Farms interface

Farms Section and Its Functionality

To start working in the CrossCurve app, go to the Farms section. There, click “Connect wallet” in the top right corner, choose a suitable wallet from the list, and confirm the connection, making sure you are on the original page https://app.crosscurve.fi/farms.

  1. After successfully connecting, you will see all available pools for locking LP tokens in the selected network to earn points for participation in the EYWA Adventure Quest.

  • Farm Pool - Pool name

  • Chain - Network where the pool is located

  • TVL - Total volume of funds in the pool

  • Volume (24h) - Trading volume in the pool for the past 24 hours

  • Fees (24h) - Volume of commissions for the past 24 hours

  • Base vAPY - Variable APY based on daily trading volume

  1. By expanding the details window of the selected pool, you can find a link to obtain the LP token via CrossCurve, or through Curve pools and Pool Contract (leads to the pool's LP token contract).

In the Farming rewards window, accrued earnings from farming (once it is launched) are displayed.

Locked LP shows the balance of LP tokens locked for earning points. Staked LP shows the balance of LP tokens locked for farming on Curve.

  1. By clicking “Lock LP and get points,” we will see a modal window for locking liquidity to earn points. To the right of the field for entering the amount of tokens to lock, we see the pool's LP token needed for locking. By clicking the Get LP link, you can obtain additional tokens on CrossCurve.

  1. After entering the amount of tokens to lock, a locking period will be offered: 1, 2, or 4 weeks, displaying the number of points you will receive, depending on the value of the locked LP tokens and the duration.

The longer the lock period, the higher the rewards.

The points earned will be displayed on your balance in the Leaderboard section after 00 UTC. The number of points displayed on the screen is approximate and may change due to price fluctuations inherent in LP tokens. You can check the exact number of your points on the Leaderboard page (updated daily at 00:00 UTC). More about the points accrual system here

  1. The top menu allows sorting the display of pools:

By network

By type (Stablecoin or any pools)

By whether you have an open farm position

By APY, TVL, Volume

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