✔️Launch plan (2024)

Key Milestones:

  • Launching CrossCurve.fi and updating Eywa.fi websites & PR campaign in February.

  • Launching CrossCurve DEX based on the aggregation of Curve pools and Eywa Oracle Network in March.

  • Implementing a point system and new tasks in EYWA Adventure Quest.

  • Launching CrossCurve app, using Curve liquidity pools in March.

  • Launching new quest tasks on the website in March.

  • Launching the Ambassador Program.

  • Conducting Eywa token TGE on Arbitrum and token sales on launchpads.

  • Migrating to Eywa Consensus Bridge.

  • Conducting a Liquidity Round.

  • Offering bond purchases, based on Bond Protocol).

  • Launching the initial farming program.

  • Paying bribes to Curve and Convex via Stake DAO and Votium to attract incentives to the main pools.

  • Launching CrossCurve DAO.

  • Migrating the EYWA NFT collection to Arbitrum, activating EYWA NFT functions - container, merge, vote boosting in CrossCurve DAO, and getting tokens locked in NFTs.

  • Launching a vote-boosted farming program.

  • Creating the CrossCurve DAO bribery market.

  • Integrating Convex, StakeDAO, and Yearn (cvxEYWA, sdEYWA, yEYWA markets) - launching staking for Eywa token.

  • Accumulating votes in bribe aggregators such as Lobby.

  • Adding new cross-chain pools and blockchains.

  • Integrating into cross-chain bridge aggregators: Rubik, Li.Fi, etc.

Pre-listing Roadmap:

  • Receiving CEX confirmation for primary listing

  • Expanding the KOL list for IDO & new partnerships

  • Launching Season 2 of the Airdrop

  • Introducing the long-term on-chain Ambassador Program

  • Conducting a liquidity round before IDO

Product updates:

  • Adding a new stable pool across 8 EVM chains: even lower slippages

  • Establishing the CrossCurve DAO for EYWA token's main utility

  • Undergoing a comprehensive third-party audit to enhance Consensus bridge security

  • Conducting the first cross-chain listing of a token

  • Uniswap V2/V3 integration for cross-chain token listings

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