via Curve (Balanced)

Adding Liquidity

Step 1. Go to xCRVUSDC pool (Pool link) on Curve and analyze which assets are optimal to contribute to the pool:

The xCRVUSDC pool consists of 6 s-tokens. Accordingly, the pool will be balanced if the share of each asset in the pool is 100/6=16.6% of the total pool TVL. (more details here)

If you add an asset to the pool, the share of which is less than 16.6% – you will receive an additional bonus for balancing the pool.

On the Pool Details page, there is a link for quick access to the CrossCurve interface to convert original assets into s-tokens .

From the current pool balance, it is evident that the amount of scrvUSDC_e (7.77%) and sav3CRV_av (6.92%) s-tokens is the least in the pool, considering the total % of contributed funds. Let's check if this is the optimal path for the amount being contributed.

Also, several assets can be contributed to the pool.

Thus, we understand exactly which s-tokens are needed

Step 1.1. Returning to the CrossCurve interface, it is necessary to analyze the most profitable way to obtain s-tokens (in step 1, sav3CRV_av and scrvUSDC_e were selected). The analysis is performed in the Deposit via Curve (Balanced) mode.

In the asset exchange selection window, you can see that the sav3CRV_av s-token is available for exchange for four assets: av3CRV LP token, and three stablecoins DAI.e/avDAI, USDC.e/avUSDC, USDT.e/avUSDT, constituting the av3CRV 3-crypto pool on Curve. It should be noted that the cost of the received s-token will differ depending on the chosen exchange method:

Exchanging sav3CRV_av is more beneficial for the pool's LP token.

Step 2. Obtaining the av3CRV LP token through the Curve Finance interface

For exchanging the s-token, it is necessary to get av3CRV LP on Curve, by pressing Get LP

Step 3. Obtaining the sav3CRV_av s-token through the CrossCurve interface

After obtaining the av3CRV LP-token from step 2, return to the Deposit via Curve (Balanced) tab and select av3CRV to receive the sav3CRV_av s-token.

Enter the desired amount to exchange and click Swap. The first transaction requires permitting the spending of av3CRV by clicking "Approve av3CRV" and signing the transaction in the wallet. After confirming the spending of av3CRV, a “Swap” button will appear.

By pressing the "Swap" button, a request will be sent to the wallet to confirm the transaction of exchanging the av3CRV to the sav3CRV_av s-token.

After signing the transaction, a notification about the transaction sending, the ongoing exchange, and the estimated waiting time will be received. The status and progress will be displayed in the top right corner.

Step 4. Adding Liquidity

To add liquidity, proceed to the xCRVUSDC pool (Pool link) on Curve from Step 1. After connecting the wallet, enter the amount of s-tokens to be added to the pool, and the first transaction confirms the spending of each s-token.

After confirming that Spending is Approved, press Deposit and sign the transaction.

A Deposit Complete confirmation will arrive, and the LP tokens will be displayed in the Your Details tab.

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