via Curve (Balanced)

Withdrawing Liquidity

Step 1. Go to xCRVUSDC pool on Curve and analyze the optimal way to withdraw funds from the pool:

A balanced method of withdrawing liquidity from the pool is recommended – you will receive s-tokens in proportion from several assets so that your operation brings the pool into a balanced state.

This method should be applied to avoid penalties and earn additional profit on Curve in cases when you are working with large sums relative to the total TVL of the pool, or when the pool is close to perfect balance. After pressing Withdraw, confirm the operation in the wallet. After completing the operation, the system will issue a Withdraw Complete message.

Step 3. Convert the required s-tokens in the CrossCurve interface.

On the Pool Details page, there is a link for quick access to the CrossCurve interface to convert s-tokens into original assets.

  1. In the Input window, select the s-token for conversion and specify the amount of s-tokens to be converted.

2. In the Output window, select the token for conversion, approve the spending of the s-token by clicking Approve scrvUSDC_o, and confirm the transaction in the wallet.

  1. After approving the spending of scrvUSDC_o, a Swap button will appear.

4. By pressing the "Swap" button, a request will be sent to the wallet to confirm the transaction of exchanging the scrvUSDC_o s-token for the selected crvUSDC LP.

5. After signing the transaction, a notification about the transaction sending, the ongoing exchange, and the estimated waiting time will be received. The status and progress will be displayed in the top right corner.

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