Easy mode (Imbalanced)

Withdrawing Liquidity

Example of using Easy mode for withdrawing liquidity of the EUSD LP token into the USDT stablecoin

To start working in the CrossCurve application, go to the Liquidity section. After successfully connecting your wallet, in the Choose pool window, select the EUSD pool. This mode allows you to exchange the liquidity token into a single stablecoin without interacting with the liquidity pool interface on Curve.

  1. Having selected the Withdraw operation and Easy mode, proceed to the exchange modal window by pressing Next.

  1. Next, select the USDT stablecoin (or any other available asset participating in the EUSD pool) to withdraw liquidity and choose the preferred network of the received original asset.

  1. After entering the amount of tokens to be withdrawn, the system will calculate the number of LP tokens received and the gas fee. By pressing Routing details, the Routing will be displayed.

  1. The first transaction requires allowing the spending of EUSD by pressing β€œApprove EUSD” and signing the transaction in the wallet. For signing the transaction, you must hold the native token of the network in which the transaction is being conducted to pay for the gas. More about gas payment here.

After confirming the spending of EUSD, a β€œSwap” button will appear.

  1. By pressing the "Swap" button, a request will be sent to the wallet to confirm the transaction of exchanging the EUSD LP token from the EUSD pool to the USDT stablecoin on the Arbitrum network.

6. After signing the transaction, a notification about the transaction sending, the ongoing exchange, and the estimated waiting time will be received. The status and progress will be displayed in the top right corner.

If in Easy mode you see high losses, consider other assets for acquisition or use the Balanced mode of liquidity withdrawal

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